Meet The Team


Eddie Lilley

Scriptwriter and Theatre Consultant
Eddie is the scriptwriter for ALL our pantos, which are inventive and loosely based on the traditional stories, bringing in new characters and local references throughout. 
He was also Director till stepping back from this role in 2019. Eddie’s depth of experience and his vision of every aspect of the show is invaluable. Practical, technical and artistic aspects of the show, as well as character developments, all benefit from this man’s input. When he says, “Well that’s not going to work”, we can be assured that actually, it won’t!

Paul Steward

A few years spent as Assistant Director, Paul stepped up as Director for the 2020 show. As one of the original Harlequins, acting in every panto, his wealth of experience stands and sits in good stead. With enthusiasm and energy he deserves his well-respected authority.

Music Director

Richard Hedley

Musical Director
Richard is also an original cast member and director/lyric writer/composer/arranger of the music from the beginning.

"One of the benefits of pantomime is that, unlike musicals, you can change the songs to fit the production, and match the different cast, characters and storylines. The live music keep the shows fresh and exciting  and enables the use of different musical styles and ideas and always boast a range of songs to suit most tastes.

Huge thanks, as ever, are due to the band for making the music come alive and to the sound desk for balance. With very little rehearsal the band always manages to produce a really cohesive sound. "

Costume Director
Art Director

Kevin Becken

Art Director
"I have responsibility for all things graphicky and arty in the show Mostly these are scenery designs and hall decoration to support the superb acting with some visually stunning backdrops. The humble village hall is transformed, along with a press-ganged volunteer force, pulling the scene from the stage and into the audience to invite you into the heart of the show."

Scenery, your programme, posters, banners, tickets, bits of arty props - He has  his hand in it all!

Sally Fagan, Ewa Woods

Costumes and Wardrobe

"It’s amazing what a difference costumes make to everyone’s performance. It’s like a sprinkling of fairy dust - enthusiasm, life and energy return and suddenly we have a show worth watching! Our costume stock has grown so much over the years that it is now impossible to swing the proverbial cat. We have over 1200 items stored which are all catalogued so woe betide anyone who mucks up my system. Ewa Woods is the creative genius behind the costumes. She works like a Trojan all through January to make sure everything is just right for the show – our dames have become bolder and brassier, our kings, queens and princes more glitzy and our baddies really look the part."

Wardrobe Assistant
Choreography Director

Helen Hubbard


Devising choreography to challenge the cast, who mostly tend to dread singing and dancing simultaneously, is a challenge in itself. But you can’t fault the enthusiasm and Helen manages the task with rhythm, sympathy, patience and good humour. She is also a superb actress.


Mike Neale


Tucked away in a dark corner with no pretentions to know what’s going on on stage, silence is interpreted as a forgetful actor who then gets a helpful prompt! But better to get prompted when not needed than not when it is!

Construction Director

Jonathan Neale

"Construction starts early when the first parts of the stage are assembled, and continues every Saturday by a team of highly trained and dedicated craftsmen who give their time freely to build the stage, the scenery, the props, the sets and make running repairs to the Village Hall itself! Unfortunately, much of that training is in The Nag’s Head, so please do take note of the emergency exits and we recommend hard hats!"

Stage Manager
Stage Manager

Steven Wright, Jason West

Stage management

They drop all the scenes, pull the ropes, splice the mainbrace, draw the curtains, make sure everything is in the right place at the right time, and, with their little torches on their heads, wander about backstage and occasionally onstage too.

Box Officer

Judith Neale

Box Office

Judith pops up ready to oblige with a cheery word and a smile, efficiently shuffling her colour coded papers, as she takes your ticket money - but don’t call after 7pm!

Lighting Engineer

Martin Fagan

Lighting, special effects and photography

The man controls the spotlights to make sure the dancing gels are in the limelight. He sets the charges on the explosives, and ensures we are clear of the danger zone. Can be seen at the back waving his arms and pointing at random moments.

Sound Engineer

Simon Griffin


Sitting at the back on the Mission Control desk, balancing and mixing up instruments and stage mikes for dialogue and singing - a complex and skilled job. Great work!

There are many other members of the Harby Harlequins who contribute to making the shows a success. There are stalwart actors who commit their insanity every year, new recruits who we encourage, Front of House, Make-up, child performance chaperones... too many to list here but each a crucial part of the team. Thanks to all!

If you wish to take part in any capacity, on-stage, off-stage, building, painting, baking cake for the team, you will be warmly welcomed. Please drop us a line for a chat.

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